Grand Vizar of the Black Mountain Assassins


It is unknown what the Lord of Assassins tuely looks like as its face has been hidden by a mask for untold ages. But what is knwon is the person is a hands breath over five feet tall, is powerfuly built, and has long dark hair.

The Lord of Assassins is aways with at least three warrior mages of his order.


This mysterious individual has lived countless lives, but in doing so he has been climed as a servent of the Keeper. But to stave off his own death he must kill to surive. To do this he has created and army of assassin who kill for him. And for each death his followers have claimed, the Lord of the Black Mountain has denied death for one more day. This individual has lived for ages and has seen great empires rise and fall, but he still lives.

Grand Vizar of the Black Mountain Assassins

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