Lyra Saeros

Reverend Mother of the Sublime Carthusic Order of the Silent Dusk


Lyra is completely covered from head to foot. She wears a dark blue hooded robe with a orange-red mostly set sun as a symbol. Her gloves are the same blue as her robes. Her boots are utilitarian. Her mask is plain unadorned metal. Her skin is pale and her hair platinum blond. Her eyes are a vivid green. This gives her a beautiful but unearthly countenance.

The child of heretics, her parents fled the horse tribes to the freedom of the Talenta Plains. This didn’t completely protect them. They were constantly hassled and persecuted by Velenor war bands. Talenta allowed her to escape the oppression of the martial, honor-obsessed horse elves. Following the Sovereign Host freed her from the demands of her ancestors. To keep from being controlled by any one god she chose the entire Sovereign Host. Even then the machinations of both the gods and the dark gods interfered in her life. She widened her worship to the Combined Host. Eventually she moved from Eberron to the Twilight Forest to put distance between her and the gods’ favorite playground. The gods still could manipulate Lyra through her physical and mental needs. She formed the Sublime Order as an ascetic path to escape even these means. She is open to both physical and mental transformation to free herself. She recruits mortals who are willing to look inside themselves to be free of any means of control by higher powers. Worship of the Combined Host gives her order a neutrality that the gods tolerate and leaves her a useful unaligned player.

Lyra Saeros

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