Red Skull


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The Red Skull
A deformed sadistic megalomanic, the red skull is the leader of HYDRA. Little is truely known about him, but it is beleived that he is the result of a alchemical procedure gone truely wrong. Whatever was done to him changed him beyond the human norm. It has been proven that he is stronger and faster than 98% of the human race, has a genius level intelligence, and ages at a extreamely slow rate. It is believed but not proven that the Red Skull has fathered at least 8 children over his life time.

The Red Skull is usually followed by the best and brightest members of HYDRA and while he has limited ability with magic, there will always be someone aroud him who is a master of the art. It is belived his chief assassin is the woman or women known as Madame Hydra and his leader of troops is the clockwork warriors know asKroenen.

The Red Skull is a master of many forms of combat and is proven himself to be competent with the use of the pistol.


Red Skull

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