Vincent of Thrane

Racist, xenophobic Paladin of the Silver Flame. Recently fallen, and still on the way down.


I don’t have to tell you. >:C


To the Father Superior,

I apologize for not having written sooner. My quest through the planes has been troublesome, and ever more fearful still the further on it continues. I have learned much in my time here and have drawn many new conclusions. I have learned things man was not meant to know, and it has shaken my faith, but still I stand resolute. Just as the Silver Flame shall never burn out, neither shall my everlasting faith. Indeed, the only reward I’ve found in this quest is those that my faith has brought me. I have claimed a legendary weapon of our people, something that may benefit all of Thrane and, indeed, all Eberron once the word of the Silver Flame drags it back into an age of light. However, Eberron is the only place worth our concern. It may yet see an age of light brought into it, but the worlds beyond are unworthy and heretical. Where once I thought perhaps we could unite with the Outer Planes, I now seek something new. I ask your forgiveness for the heresy I must commit to claim my goal, but in the end you shall find it was all done in the name of good. The Outer Planes will be no more. I shall destroy everything outside of Eberron, and I shall bring about the Golden Age of Humanity when I return triumphant to the world. I ask for your blessing in this matter and, if you cannot provide it, I ask that you present this letter as high as you can. If need be, I will demand the blessing of Jaela Daran Herself. I will not settle until the church has seen this my way and, if I continue to be denied, then I will not stand down from my quest until you have seen it my way.

Silver Blessings in Darkened Times,
Vincent of Thrane

Vincent of Thrane

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