Centers of Learning

Academy of Silver Thought

This center of learning is on the astral plane, and has taught individuals for untold ages.

Arcane Congress of Arcanix

Located in the Aundairian city of Arcanix, the Arcane Congress of Arcanix has become one of the primeier schools of magic anywhere.

Library of Korranberg

Located in the Gnomeish city of Korranberg, the Library is the largest center of learning on Khorvare.

Miskatonic University

Center of learning that main teaching is strangely mystical in origin with very strange results that can happen.

Morgrave University

One of the primer centers of learning on Eberron located in Sharn, Breland. They have a long standing research into giant and dragon culture.


One of the primer centers of learning on the planes, with its main focus being teaching of the arcane arts. Its location can be reached from many locations, but its three main areas where it can be located are Sharn, Sigil, and the City of Union.

Rekkenmark Academy

This Rekkenmark Academy is somewhat of a specialized school that of a military academy. None the less, it is also one of the best arcane schools in Karrnath.

The Tower of Silver
This seat of learning is where the followers of the Silver Flame sent their best and brightest to learn, many a scholar of lore and a dedicated inquisitor have been taught here.

The Tower of the Sun

Tower of the Twelve

This arcane school is where the dragonmarked send their best and brightest.

Centers of Learning

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