House Rules

This is an advanced campaign so the following rules are in effect.

Characters begin play at 15th level.

At 1st level characters receive 1 extra feats for free, this is in addition to all regular feats the character has.

At 1st level the character will receive 3 skills for free, this is in addition to all regular skills the character has. The character will then receive 1 extra skill point per level that he may place in any one of the 3 skills.

All characters will use the medium exterience point chart from the Pathfinder Players Guide.

All characters will then use the 20 point buy to make their characters.

Characters are allowed to use the Pathfinder Players Guide, Advanced Players Guide, Ultimate Magic, Ultimate Combat, and Inner Sea Magic from Pazio, as well as many of the books from WOTC are allowed to make a character, at GM degression of course.

The character is then allowed to buy gear. As a high level campaign all characters receive 250,000gp to buy all of their gear.

Magical Items
SEX – Thats right you just read what you thought you read (Submissions for extra experience!)

House Rules

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