Shavarath The Battleground

The Battleground is the place where four great armies war eternally on the barren plains of Shavarath, a celestial host of archons, infernal regiments of devils, swarming hordes of demons, and the mercenariey daemons, which both fight for themselves and fight for all other factions. Warfare defines all aspects of each factions very existance, with little reason why. Its just the next, fight, the next war, the next campaign, and the next battle. It seems alliances come and go-usually involving with the daemonds allying with one or the other of the factions and then breaking the alliance when the situation changes to their advantage-but the warfare never ends. Slain soldiers eventually return, usually in a lower form, but the armies of the three forces remain forever in a rough balance.

Fortress dot the landscape of Shavarath, each one locked in a great siege. Many of the great fortress fall to enemy invaders, as the inless warfare shifts battle lines. As what was one a fortress of good one week becomes a vile center of evil the next. Eventually most fortress are reduced to rubble. As one collapses, a new one is built to replace it. Beyond these fortresses, the rocky and barren landscape stretches in all directions, with very few features changing the way things look. But when the features do change, they change drastractally from the inless plains, mountain ranges longer and higher than anything on Eberron, swamps larger the whole countries, and the blood sea: a ocean so vast it holds more water than is in the whole of Eberron.

But while most cities are locked in the endless war, there are some cities that are able to hold out from the endless combat and create small city-states to provide services to the armies in the blood war. Food, weapons, technology, componaionship, as well as assassins and mercenary troops all are provided by these towns. Another city that defies logic, is the type of cities that provide the center of the leadership of each faction in the blood war: The Citadel of Hope, The city of Dis, and The City of Bones.

Gate Towns

Dis, Dus Angeles, Forgeworks 4, Forgeworks 169,Plague-Mort, Ribcage, Skullport, Warkthak


Bone Woods, Blood Sea, Death Grounds, Skull Mountain


Abriymoch, Bronze Citadel, Forgeworks 4, Forgeworks 181, Forgeworks 676, Forgeworks 777, Forgeworks 1313, Lesome, Malaguard, Malsheem, Medrengard, Staltguard, The Citadel of Hope, The City of Bones



Shavarath has the following traits.

  • Alignment: Areas held by the archons are mildly good-aligned and mildly lawful-aligned. Areas held by daemonds are mildly neutral-aligned and mildly evil-aligned. Areas held by the devils are mildly evil aligned and mildly lawful-aligned. Areas held by the demons are mildly evil-aligned and mildly-chaotic aligned. These areas shift constantly, their borders as fluid as the tide of war.
  • Enhanced magic: Spells that create, enhance, or mimic weapons (such as flame blade, keen edge, and Mordenkaien’s sword) and spells that excite hostile emotions (such as rage, hroism, and antipathy) are extended.
  • Impeded magic: Compulsions that calm or pacify hostile creatures, and all charms are impeded.

Shavarath The Battleground

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