Ssirikth Akuars

I fell sorry for the poor souls that happen to slave away on this damned world, hell I was brought up in a hell pit on Mabar, but even that is still better than the hell that those poor souls endure. Yes, I grew up in a darkness that went forever, but I still had a small amount of hope

Living on Ssirkth Akuars is living with the constant fear of being used a food by everything around you. Really, I am not telling any lies.. Its all the blessed lights truth, and yes I have seen things that even make me sick in the planes. But there is nothing worse than seeing some poor sod being used in that manner that puts the fear of the Ilithid in you. And its nothing like seeing your best mate captured and then have some powers blessed unholy noble give you the privilege of eating your fracking brain pan and then tossing whats left rest of your body into a feeding pit used to feed their pet ghoul shock troops. Now that is unholy, and you see why we fight

Sometimes it is best if one pretends that they have ever heard of Ssirkth Akuars. Sometimes knowledge dooms us all

Jakas Ursre
Lightbringer of Dol Arrah

Ssirkth Akuars is what happens when a race runs unchecked and is able to kill the very gods.

Ssirikth Akuars

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