Moderate height, Nearly entirely clothed


(excerpts from Khar’s life-spanning journal)

(approx. age: 12)…grandfather continues to make learn the arcane powers. Might as well, my siblings have chosen far different skills sets, so I’d better not disappoint him, for bad things happen when he’s disappointed or worse. It still continues to annoy me…

(approx. age: 19)…So those siblings of mine have perished at long last. They should have taken the deal I offered them, for an inkling of diversity in abilities wouldn’t have made the so predictable. Strategically, I’ve kept to harassing grandfather’s rivals in the fiendish courts, more likely they’ll punish failing servants than hunt the saboteur. Celestials are far too forgiving to…

(approx. age: 23)…that crafty mage. Due to his bizarre arcana, I’ve begun moralizing in an inverted manner to how I am accustomed, and I don’t hate them for this. This factoid shall be pondered upon later. I doubt many of my late ancestor’s allies will want me walking with the enemy with knowledge of them, and survival is far more important than philosophical tangents.

(approx. age: 24)…I’ve found myself on a world entitled Eberron, in the nation of Thrane. I have found myself enthralled with fascination about the local religion. The knight that found me is kind enough, but I suspect his fellows harbor a multitude of distrusts for me, though I suspect it stems mostly from staying completely clothed in their presence, so as to avoid them guessing my true lineage, as they seem the kind to take it exceedingly too seriously. …

(approx. age: 26)…I’ll be wearing the standard black robes, for the ivory and gray hues contrasted with my skin poorly nor had a matching mask available. I’ve been in seclusion, mostly. The war demands I act every so often for the better of Thrane and the Silver Flame, though I’m beginning to suspect corruption amongst a collection of the officials, mostly pertaining to very non-angelic commands and mannerisms…

(approx. 1 month later)…a secret of the faith. It shall not be transcribed here for fear of a reader, but suffice to say I’ll be considering my orders very carefully form now on. On a brighter emotion, these ‘spellshards’ are fascinating. They possess the qualities for a spellbook with far less inconvenience, I shall have to gather a few more.

(approx. 2 moths ago) A score has passed since a new inscription was added. I have reflected upon my earlier life, and I am left unsure whether or not I’ve done enough to atone completely. However, I’ve learned of an incoming chain of events whose resulting cataclysm would possess an immense hand to affect much of the planes. I shall have to prepare for planar travel once again, though I shouldn’t have any long awaiting enemies should politics both planar and fiendish have ran their proper courses. I thank the Church of the Silver Flame for sheltering me all this time, but I’ve a job to be done.

Slain by demons


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