Alzothnor: Provider of demonic and tiefling mercenaries. They generally attack as a horde, but “some talented individuals” work as assasssins. They care little for their workers that are slain, but they do care to be paid for each battle they fight in. Woe be it for the paymaster that is late in there funds. Let it be whown to watch your back and soul when you deal with them…. Rates 1

Balshaznethnor: Grower of food, creator of fine ales and wines, and breeder of livestock. These masters of herbalism and alchemy have decent rates. Rates 2

Black Library: Not really a company in the truest sence of the word, but the Black Library is THE largest lirbary in existance. This is the library that the eldar have managed to hide somewhere on the astral plane untold ages ago, and it has been able to remained hidden since. It is said that they have a copy of all known spells, schemas, creation of items of power, and rituals that has ever been thought of, and it is said that their occult lore is beyond mesure of mere mortals and is said that even dragons want to see this site. Little is known about this site as few have ever been allowed to see it, let alone leave it.

Black Shield Mercenaries: Provider of skilled mercenaries that has recently began creating large quanities of armor and weapons for sale. Rates 3

Clockwork Arms: Company founded by Warforged, it currently makes weapons and armor, and has recently began to branch out into potions and alchemical items. They have been known to make only itmes usable to warforged. They also have worked on reverse engineering House Cannith items. The company is on fairly decent terms with the Royal Ordance company.

Chesternikov: Provider of military small arms and rifles. Pricey but very decent weapons. Rates 4

Colretta: Family owned company that has been making fine rifles and small arms for several generations. Very good, but pricey gunsmiths. Rates 5

Dal Dothron: Dwarven company that is one of the primary makers of the dwarven voidship, they are also the primary manufacture of dwarven weapons and armor. Rates 6

Eagle Forgeworks: Makers of armor, blades, and small arms. Rates 7

East Arleande Company: Enchanter of items and large supplier of alchemical items.

Genyosha: Provider of mainly human mercenary troops, as well as assassins and spies. They are also makers of alchemical items, fine blades and armor. These items are mainly for their own use, but with enough gold they will sell to anyone. Rates 8

Gloomholmn: Provider and trainer of arcane soldiers.

Gothan: Mainly a group of changeling, but others who can change form allowed to work for this company. They work as companion / bodyguards or assassins. Rates 9

Guarki: Provider of elite human troops, either as soldiers or bodyguards. Expensive, but they are worth their weight in gold. Rates 10

House Cannith: Human company based on Eberron thats main purpose is to make items such as enchanted weapons, the creation of alchemical items, and the creator of the warforged.

House Deneith: Human company based on Eberron, thats main purpose is to make use of decent soldiers of the House. The family is made up mainly of soldiers, but they do have many members who study the arcane arts. The house has two main factions the blademarks (soldiers) and the defenders (bodyguards).

House Jorasco

House Tharask

Indor Funds: Want a loan, these are the people to see. But always remember pay the interest!

Krupp Ironworks: Makers of alchemical items, fine blades, armor, ships, warships, voidships, seige weapons, rifles and small arms. Belived to be a major provider of juicer troops. This human run company has been around for several hundred years and they have a saying “If it can be used as a weapon, Krupp Ironworks makes it.” Rates

Moilnath: Provider of undead troops, as well being in the method of creating new arcane spells and research into arcane items.

Necrohost: Provider of undead troops, quality is from simple fodder to elite troops.

Phazarid: Provider of discreate entertainers and courtesans, many of which have the ability to assume any form. Price goes up for quality, apperance, and kink.

Royal Ordnance: Maker of fine blades and armor, alchemical items, ships, voidships, siege weapons, and Warforged. If it can be used as a weapon, Royal Ordnance either makes it or designs it.

Sparthan: Human troops with their main focus being heavy foot, they also have limited ability as light horse troops. They will take offers as marines for voidships.

Tarus: Maker of armor, blades, and small arms.

Vanar Provide of elven and half elven mercenaries. Mainly heavy and light cavaly, with a force of highly mobile light foot as scouts and skirmishers.

Zurlock: Provider of “celestial” troops. They are mainly a heavy calvary force, but they do field some of the best heavy foot in existance.


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