Hydra logoHYDRA is a human supremacist organization that has spread tentacles of its thought to other realms. The leader of the organization is the brillant, ruthless, and insane man known only as the Red Skull. The Red skull is assisted in his rulership of HYDRA with the support of his clockwork bodyguardKroenen, Wolfgang Von Strucker the brilliant military commander who leads the foot troops; and the female assassin Madame Hydra, who will kill the enemies of the Red Skull, as well as Ilsa Kurtz, the leader of the Occult Division. There are many others, but these are the ones that have been revealed.

Hydra has many aims, but chief among them is the inslavement of the so called lesser races and achieving the goal of a human only homeland. They are also working to prove that Atlantis was the orginal human homeland, and are working on regaining it from their current monstrous rullers. HYDRA as led by the Red Skull are seekers of lost lore and magics, but have proven they are masters of using technology to furter their aims. HYDRA draws to itself, humans of all societies, ethinic groups and economic levels. Once a human has taken the death oath of service to HYDRA, their old livies are forgotten and thier new life as a servent of HYDRA begins.

HYDRA organizies itself into HYDRA Foot troops, HYDRA Knights, and HYDRA Occult divisions.

It is belived that HYDRA makes use of the Clonemakers to bring back important individuals to life, most of these individuals have been killed before their time, usually by other groups wanting them killed. it is also believed, but not proven that the organizations known as Karotechia and the Thule Society, are used as fronts to comment crimes.

Cut one arm off and two will grow. Hail HYDRA!


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