Irian The Eternal Day

On Irian, a brilliant white sun hangs in the center of a crystalline sky, bathing the radiant landscape below in shadowless light. Forests of crystalline growth, moutains of pure quartz, rivers of liquid glass, and sun-bleached deserts of pure white sand define the landscape of this plane.

Irian is awsh in positive energy-not enough to harm life, but sufficient to encourage and sustain life in a varity of unusual forms. Creatures of light and life make their home here, but they are not necessarily creatures of good.

Gate Towns




Irian fas the following traits.

  • Minor positive-dominate.
  • Enhanced magic: Spells that use positive energy, including cure spells, are maximized. Characters receive a +4 bonus on Charisma checks to turn undead, and receive the maximum possible turning damage result.
  • Impeded magic: Spells that use negative energy are impeded.

Coterminous: When Irian contracts the Material Plane, life blossoms where the two planes touch. Days are brighter, colors more vibrant, sensations are more intense. Spells that use positive energy are cast at +1 caster level, and clerics turn undead as if they were one livel higher.

Unlike with most other planes, Irian’s influence does not reachto specific places on the Material Plane during its coterminous phases. Rather, its manifestations occur one hour surrounding noon across Eberron. Irian is coterminous for a period of ten days in the spring time month of Eyre, once every three years.

Remote: As life blossoms when Irian draws near, life loses its bloom when Irian moves to its remote position. Nights are darker, colors seem to fade, and a numbness hangs in the air, Spells that use positive energy are cast at -1 caster level, and clerics turn undead as if they were one level lower. These effects pervade Eberron for a period of 10 days in the autum month of Sypherous once every three years, a year and a half after each coterminous phase.

Irian The Eternal Day

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